Inside the waistband (IWB) holsters are made mainly with the intent to carry concealed since they slip inside the waistband of your pants and are usually covered by your shirt or top. However, as those of you who regularly carry guns know, a gun can be cumbersome and poke you in the side at times. Hence, it may take a little while to find the exact placement of your IWB holster.

Holster Builder offers kydex holster making supplies, leather holster making supplies, and everything else you will need to build your holsters, including belt attachments and the materials. Our mission is to be the one-stop-shop for you to build your perfect custom holder that will fit you perfectly without having to scour the internet. In this blog post, we’ll offer up some tips on how to wear your IWB holster. Visit us online today!


The purpose of an IWB holster is to keep the gun from moving once you have it placed. The last thing you need is to be constantly adjusting your gun, which makes it not so concealed, which is the point of a concealed carry weapon. An IWB holster works in conjunction with your belt to hold the holster, which holds the gun, against the wearer. If you just try to shove your gun and holster in your waistband, it won’t work. Holster Builder recommends the following tips:

Make Sure Your Pants Will Accommodate the Gun

The gun will most likely require a bigger waistband, or the next size up, for most people unless you wear loose jeans or pants in the first place. You’ll want to experiment with your pants, belt, and holster to find the best fit.

Decide on Your IWB Concealed Carry Position

Most people carry their concealed carry firearm in the same spot on their waistband, which has been numbered according to a clock face for easy reference. The point of each hip is 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, while the middle of your back is 6 o’clock and your belly button is 12 o’clock. You’ll want to experiment with the different positions to see where your holster is the most comfortable and where is the most natural for you to draw it from. The most popular spots are the 3 o’clock and the 4 o’clock. The small of the back at the 6 o’clock is uncomfortable for most people as is by the belly.

Holster Builder notes that while you are carrying, you don’t want the holster to sag or to go to the other extreme and put too much pressure on you. Hence, most holsters have a wider base to spread the weight of the holster and pistol out across a larger area. This is where you will notice a huge difference in the quality of your gun holster. You want the holster to conform to your shape, but also not be too soft that you feel the gun through the holster. By investing in holster building supplies by Holster Builder, you’ll have the most comfortable holster for concealed carry anywhere.


When you obtain a concealed carry license, the purpose is to carry a weapon so you will be prepared in case of a threat. However, the reason most people don’t carry a gun is because it is uncomfortable. You’ll want to ensure your gun is as comfortable as possible, which is why investing in gun holster making supplies by Holster Builder is so very important. There’s nothing like the feel of a custom leather gun holster. It’s smooth, it fits you perfectly, and you made it. You should be proud of that and the fact that you are protecting you and those around you should the need arise. 

Holster Builder offers more than just gun holster making supplies. We offer belt attachments, as well as magazine and specialty shells. From Kydex supplies to leather/knife sheath supplies, we have everything you need to make the highest quality holsters around, including for IWB concealed carry holsters. We offer belt clips and grip hooks complete kits, which contain all the hardware you need to complete your custom holster. Holster Builder takes pride in helping you not only conceal carry, but also enjoy shooting sports as well. Visit us online today!