Holster Builder is the best supplier of Kydex holster making supplies, as well as Boltaron and Phantom holster materials. We were founded because we couldn’t find high-quality, custom holster building materials that didn’t take a long time to make. We understand the value of a gun holster that fits you perfectly and how sometimes you just need it quickly. From belt attachments to QLH Chest Sling, we’ve got all of your gun holster needs covered.

In our last blog post, we discussed ways to wear your IWB (inside the waistband) holster. Today, we will offer up a few more tips for carrying your IWB holster, which is the most popular type of gun holsters for concealed carry. Visit us online today to order your best leather holster making supplies!


Adjust the Waistband Holster Retention

The waistband holster retention is just a fancy way of saying the way your gun fits inside your gun holster. The easiest way to determine if you need to adjust the waistband holster retention shell is to practice holstering and unholstering your pistol, with it unloaded of course. Holster Builder recommends that you pay attention to how it feels when you draw it in and place it back in. Does it come out too easily or are you yanking on it to get it loose? If so, it will need an adjustment. You will probably need to loosen the bolts to do so.

Adjust the Holster Cant

A holster cant is the angle the gun sits in your holster. You probably have noticed this the most on OWB (outside the waistband) holster that people, especially the military or police, carry theirs. Forward or positive cant means the gun is carried forward. This is how the FBI carries theirs, which is usually between 10 and 20 degrees. A negative cant refers to a gun that is carried facing back from the neutral position (or straight up and down), which is normally seen in a cross draw holster. Again, you’ll have to try all of the various cant angles to determine which is right for you.

Remember Grip Matters

Grips on your gun are made of some of the best materials on the market today. Some are textures, which allows a much better grip on the gun, which works well for those with sweaty hands, or it’s raining outside. However, you must be careful with grips because too aggressive of a grip will shred your clothes from the constant wear and tear in one spot where your gun lies. Yet, you want a gun that won’t slip out of your hands in a life or death situation. Holster Builder recommends trying to find a middle ground to preserve both your life and your shirts!

Covering Your Gun

Remember the idea of a concealed carry gun is to conceal it. While you want your friends and family to know you’re packing, you don’t want the world to know, and you definitely don’t want the bad guys to know. For shirts that go over your IWB holster and gun, the heavier the better, which is why winter is the perfect time to conceal carry. T-shirts work as long as they aren’t clingy. Sports shirts, while comfortable, can cling as well. Button-downed, starched white shirts for professional businessmen make a great concealed gun carry shirt because of their creases. So too do patterned shirts that will break up your gun’s outline. When choosing clothes to go over your concealed carry, try them on, and look in the mirror before buying.


Holster Builder understands that it will probably take you a while to discover the best way for you to wear your IWB holster. As you are wearing one, you can adjust it as needed until you find just the right fit for you. The beauty of the holster industry is there is so much from which you may choose, such as Kydex holster supplies, or leather holster making supplies to then figuring out your cant and positioning of your firearm.

Holster Builder is your one-stop-shop for your custom holster supply needs. Order online today!