Holster Builder allows you to purchase all of the holster making supplies you need to help grow your small business. Many of our customers are passionate about providing people with their products, and we allow them to have the resources necessary to get the job done right.

At the end of the day, your goal is to sell your holsters. In our previous post, we discussed our tips for selling your holsters online, but what about if you want to sell them in your local market? We have a few suggestions on how to get started, so if that’s something you’re interested in, keep reading to learn more!

What Can You Do to Sell Holsters Locally?

Speak to Local Stores

When you make the decision to sell the holsters you’re making locally, the first step should be to talk to local stores. Start with the ones you yourself love going to. Head on down to your favorite local gun store and chat with the employee you bought your last firearm from. Make your way over to the gun range and ask to speak with the owner. You never know what kind of connections you’ll make or who will be interested in selling your products.

Advertise in Newspapers

An often-underutilized source of getting your name out there is to advertise in local publications. In this day and age, the internet seems to get the most attention, but what if you don’t want to sell online? We recommend talking to the local newspaper to see if they’re interested in doing an article on your new business or buying some ad space in the paper. You should also look into local magazines or ask to put up flyers at your favorite places around town. Get creative to get the word out.

Rely on Word of Mouth

Another underrated method of selling holster locally is to rely on word of mouth. Hold a giveaway or set up a booth at events and get people talking. After all, the more people that hear about what you’re selling and like it, the more people you can expect to talk about how great your product is.

The Holster Building Supplies You Need to Succeed

At the end of the day, this might not be easy, but if you stick to it, it will be rewarding. If you’re like many small business owners, the challenge is finding time in the day to do these things. That’s why we love doing what we do — selling holster making supplies to people in order to help their production run a little more smoothly.

Regardless of the size of your business, our goal is to provide you with everything you need to make the entire process easy to manage, giving you more time to take care of selling your products. Looking for something you need, but don’t see it here? Let us know and we’ll try to track it down so we can start carrying it! Otherwise, feel free to take a look around and place your order today.