What are the “Sold By” products? 

When you see products on our website marked as “Sold By” followed by the company name other than Holster Builder, that means that this product is sold by a vendor within our marketplace. It is important to note that items sold from a vendor other than Holster Builder will be shipped by a vendor from another location other than the Holster Builder shop.

Are there any restrictions on who can purchase from the website? 

We currently only ship within the United States, but if you are needing product outside of the US, you may create an account with reship.com. This allows you to have an American address to ship your items from directly to you! 

How can I contact you? 

Email: info@holsterbuilder.com

Phone: 757-206-1495


Facebook and Instagram (@Holsterbuilder)

What is the warranty or guarantee policy?

At HolsterBuilder we hold customer service as our number #1 priority. Though we can not guarantee our products for life, we know what it means to keep our customers happy. We will work with you as to make sure you are happy with the product. If you are unsatisfied any product we sell, we will try to replace it or refund your money upon return of merchandise. When you are happy we are happy! 

What payment methods are accepted?

Our current payment methods are either PayPal or Card (you do not need a PayPal account to process your order. This is just our credit card processor) 

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

Yes! Majority of our products have tier pricing available. The more you buy, the better the price! If you have an inquiry larger than the tier pricing allows, please email our team and we can try to accommodate your needs.

How do I create an account? 

To make an account, you must be on our homepage of our website. Click the small person icon next to the cart icon and hit "Register". From there, you may fill out your information and create your account!

Can I request samples before making a wholesale purchase?

Unfortunately, we do not offer samples, but you are welcome to purchase the items you wish to sample and return any items you do not need for your project! Please read the Returns policy for further information on return shipments.

How do I return an item purchase on the marketplace? 

If you purchased an item(s) from a vendor through our site and need to return it, please reach out to the vendor. If you need contact information for that vendor, please reach out to us via email (info@holsterbuilder.com) and our team would be happy to provide that for you.

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