1. Register as a Vendor

You can sell on HolsterBuilder.com as either an Individual Vendor or as a Professional Vendor. Individual Vendors pay a $ .99 fee per product sold and the 15% administration fee. Professional Vendors subscribe to our HB Membership (starting at $ 29.95 per month) and only pay the 15% administration fee (NO per product fee).

Once your registration has been approved you will be able to start listing, selling, shipping and getting paid.

We are here to help and make the process as easy as possible. If you would prefer our staff to set up your vendor account we would be happy to do so. Visit our “Vendor Registration Assistance Form” to submit a few key details and we will be in touch with you personally to create your account and get you started as a Vendor.  

2. List your Products

Using our Vendor Dashboard to create your own storefront and begin adding products for sale on HolsterBuilder.com

3. Sell your Products

Once you have listed your products, your customers will begin to see them available for purchase on HolsterBuilder.com

4. Ship your Products

5. Get Paid

Get regular payments directly to your bank account or through PayPal.