About Us

Holsterbuilder.com (TM) is a Veteran Owned Small Business committed to supplying the entire community of HolsterBuilding (TM). Whether you are a business yourself manufacturing holsters, a supplier of tools or materials for HolsterBuilders (TM), or a customer wanting to purchase a completed holster from the best manufacturers in the business we are bringing the entire community to one website.

As a business supplying parts and pieces to other holster manufacturers we grew tired of having to go to multiple websites to get supplies needed to build a holster. HolsterBuilder (TM) is intent on becoming the leading website for every business to showcase and sell their supplies to other businesses under one website without preference. We believe everyone has something to add to the community!

As a customer looking for a holster but having to search multiple companies to find a compatible holster we built HolsterBuilder (TM) to become your one-stop shop for all your carry needs. From Concealed carry to Military and Duty Holsters now you can compare holsters from different companies all on one website. You can even read reviews and ask questions without having to contact multiple companies.

Here at HolsterBuilder (TM) the customer is the #1 priority. Whether you are a business or a customer we are striving to always put your needs first. If we can't find it I am pretty confident we know where to direct you. Please contact us today with any question you might have.

We look forward to serving you once again.

Best regards,

Joseph and Jessica