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Elevate your daily sipping with our 20oz Tactical Tumblers, the ultimate companions for hot or cold beverages. Crafted for both style and durability, these tumblers enhance your drinking experience. Includes a secure lid and stainless steel straw. The lid preserves drink temperature and minimizes spills, while the eco-friendly steel straw adds flair.

Please note, these tumblers are artistic creations, so hand washing is recommended to maintain their vibrancy. Choose Tactical Tumblers, where every sip reflects your unique personality.

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20oz Tactical Tumblers, the perfect companion for your favorite beverages, whether piping hot or refreshingly cold. Crafted to elevate your drinking experience, these tumblers are designed for durability and style.

For your convenience, each tumbler comes complete with a secure lid and a stainless steel straw, making it ideal for both on-the-go adventures and relaxed moments at home. The lid helps to maintain your drink's temperature while preventing spills, while the stainless steel straw adds an eco-friendly touch to your sipping experience.

Please remember, our Tactical Tumblers are a work of art, so hand washing is recommended to preserve their vibrant appearance. Elevate your daily routine with a tumbler that's as functional as it is stylish. Choose Tactical Tumblers, and make every sip an expression of your personality.

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