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Phantom Features:

-Multiple Sizes Available: 8x8, 12x8, and 12x12

-Thickness: 0.8" (standard for Kydex benders) 

-Comes with a clear plastic sheet on it. Be sure to remove them before heating!

-The 8x8 sizes are ideal for OWB and minimal waste IWB holsters, providing optimal efficiency 

-For larger framed guns or lighted holsters, 12x12s are ideal 

-12x8s offer enough material for both a holster and a mag pouch 

-For other projects, our 12x12s are the go-to choice!

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Our Phantom material is a transparent thermoplastic known for its durability, versatility, and impact resistance. It is commonly used in applications that require a strong and see-through protective barrier. Clear Kydex offers excellent clarity, allowing for easy visibility of contents or surfaces behind it. It is highly resistant to chemicals, moisture, and UV rays, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This material can be easily molded and shaped to conform to various forms and structures, providing a custom fit. Try some out for yourself today! 


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