The DIY “Bender’s Helper” Pro Series Mold Tool Set is a must have for anyone producing pancake style OWB holsters. Save valuable time by not having to bend each and every holster. You’ll get the same angle time after time so consistency is no longer an issue either. Made from the same material as our molding drones this allows us to keep the cost down so you can buy multiple sets. Buy 3 or more and save (see our “buy in bulk” button).

Use one set for multiple drones or buy a few and make dedicated tooling sets by permanently attaching your split drones to these backers.

On both sides of the Bender’s Helper you will find molded in alignment guides that allow for easy and repeatable placement of most popular split molding drones. Our example pictures show it in use with a 5″ 1911 but these will easily work with most popular light bearing split molding drones too.

The angle is 35 degrees. The Bender’s Helper dimensions are 5.75″ x 9″ (3/4″ thick). Does not include any molding drones.