The latest in holster forming tech is now available here at DIY!  Our “Tru-Split” Series Molding Drones harness laser scanning, CAD design and CNC manufacturing to produce a truly master template just like our CNC and “Moth” Pro Drones. Doing so allows us to account for material shrink in the casting process, add complex functional features and provide dead accurate CNC precision – all at an “old school” drone price.

However, unlike the “Moth” these are actual split drones and not affixed to a base plate so you can use these for fold-over (Taco) or pancake style holster forming.

Our “Tru-Split” Molding Drones are a superior alternative to traditional mold tooling made from casts of live guns.  In addition to the dimensional accuracy, all of the vertical surfaces are properly drafted to prevent die-lock and allow easy material removal after forming.  All catch points have been filled and control and sight channels are built in. These drones are easily workable, so if you want to make custom alterations it is no problem.  Feel free to saw, sand, cut, drill, carve, Bondo and glue alterations as you see fit.