Multicam Fabric Kydex

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Fabric Kydex Features: 

  • Available in the following sizes: 12x12
  • Fabric prints to choose from: Multicam and Black Multicam fabric! 
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Looking for Multicam Black fabric Kydex? We have you covered! This fabric Kydex is a unique fusion of Kydex, a thermoplastic material, and fabric, resulting in a versatile composite material that combines the strength and durability of Kydex with the softness and texture of fabric. This innovative blend opens up a world of possibilities for applications that require both the resilience of Kydex and the aesthetic appeal and comfort of fabric.

Fabric Kydex offers the best of both worlds, with the fabric layer providing a visually pleasing and tactile surface while the Kydex layer beneath provides structural integrity and protection. 

Moreover, fabric Kydex retains the inherent durability and resistance to impact, abrasion, and chemicals that are characteristic of traditional Kydex. This makes it a practical choice for applications that require durability and longevity, ensuring that the material maintains its structural integrity even with regular use and exposure to challenging environments.

Fabric Kydex also offers excellent formability, allowing it to be easily molded into various shapes and contours. This makes it a versatile material for complex designs, providing opportunities for customization and creativity in applications such as product packaging, architectural elements, and medical equipment.

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The expense is definitely worth the outcome. You can charge the difference and people will not complain. The only down side is that it is a little bit harder to work with, you have to be careful. This is not something you want to heat up in a toaster oven. Make sure that you have a heat press for this kind of material otherwise the fabric will start to separate a little bit and when you form it its not going to work. I also recommend doing a foam press for this, and not using a vaccuum press.