Desert Tan Suede Kydex

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Through a proprietary process, the fabric is pre-adhered to one side of the Kydex® sheet, ready for forming. Working alongside some of our partners, we’ve developed the Fabric Kydex® for seasoned formers looking for another aesthetic detail. Now you can take your custom holster designs to the next level with all of the durability and thermoforming capabilities provided by the Kydex® base layer with the added benefit of an aesthetically appealing fabric texture overlay.

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Material Sizes:
Our pre-cut material has been specifically cut into sizes for holster makers so that you can save time and money.
  • All 8x8 sizes will fit OWB holster builds as well as all IWB holsters with minimal waste.
  • All 12x8 cuts will fit any larger gun or lighted holsters. It has enough material for a holster and mag pouch for those extra jobs.
  • For all other projects try our 12x12s.
These cuts were created with the holster maker in mind to save time money and waste. We are holster makers just like you and understand that time and money affect your bottom line.

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