MultiCam® Black Kydex

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Material Sizes:

Our pre-cut material has been specifically cut into sizes for holster makers so that you can save time and money.

  • All 8x8 sizes will fit OWB holster builds as well as all IWB holsters with minimal waste.
  • All 12x8 cuts will fit any larger gun or lighted holsters. It has enough material for a holster and mag pouch for those extra jobs.
  • For all other projects try our 12x12s.

These cuts were created with the holster maker in mind to save time money and waste. We are holster makers just like you and understand that time and money affect your bottom line.

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Joshua West
Only the best color choice available. Authentic Multicam Black. Currently with OD base which is so much better than the previous FDE base.
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The real deal, accept no substitutes. The current backing color is foliage green, personally haven't seen a tan sheet since 2020.
Verified purchase
Spot on mc black. Another review said that it had a tan backing and the picture shows it to be more of a tan color, but the one I got had a od green backing, and a green color in the pattern, which is closer to true mc black and exactly what i had hoped for. It had great contrast between colors in the pattern as well, not pale at all. I dont know if holster builder is experimenting with different colors or what, but the od green backing was perfect. I made a personal holster for myself and Im ordering another sheet for customers and I really hope I get the same color/contrast as the last sheet. Hands down 5 stars for the sheet that i received. Also, thanks holster builder, you guys are great and shipping is always fast. 5 stars to you all as well.
Verified purchase
As oddly as it was for the other review to give three stars for saying the kydex looks exactly like the picture... I am giving it 5 stars. The other side of the kydex is tan, and when its buffed and finished it looks incredible around the entire edge of the holster.
Verified purchase
I thought the colors and the contrast would be a little better but it's exactly as seen in the pictures. unfortunately a little pale