PTL (Push-To-Lock) IWB Loops - Pair with Hardware

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The P.T.L. IWB Loop was designed to outperform all current IWB loop systems on the market. Injection molded from Comfortuf 420, these parts will remain true to size for their entire life, never warping, stretching, or absorbing odors or moistures of any kind.

Pieces Included:

  • 2x        P.T.L. (Push to Lock) IWB Loops
  • 4x        3/16” Posts – (2) to be used on inside of holster body to anchor strap, (2) to be used on screw as key for interference lock-up.
  • 2x        1/2” Truss Head Screw – For easier assembly, thread 3/16” post onto screw before attaching strap to holster system.


  • Made from Comfortuf 420 – Will not stretch, warp, shear, or absorb any moistures/odors.
  • Molded in “pinch-point” allows the loop to lay as flat as possible when in its locked position. – Reducing the risk of printing.
  • Molded in grip nodules provide friction with entire width of belt, resisting any travel or shifting that may occur while moving.
  • Compatible with 1.5” & 1.75” belt widths.
  • Key-Hole Interference lock compatible with standard Chicago Posts & Screw hardware.

Assembly and Use:

The P.T.L. IWB Loop uses standard Chicago Posts & Screws.  By threading (1) 3/16” post all the way down on your 1/2” screw, you create a fixed distance that matches seamlessly with the key-hole interference lock molded into the P.T.L. IWB Loop.  Once this piece of specialty hardware is fashioned, simply assemble the P.T.L. Loop like you would any other IWB strap.  No need to invest in snap setting machinery, or any of their components, i.e. sockets, caps, or studs.

Once the PTL IWB Loop is assembled to your holster, simply bend the loop along its pinch point and pass the key-hole lock over the screw head so it passes thru its larger opening.  Once you are able to see the screw through the key-hole on the loop, push down on the tab to lock the P.T.L. loop in place.  To open the P.T.L. IWB Loop, pull up on the tab to release the key-hole interference lock.

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