Soft Shell Rifle Mag Carrier

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Introducing the Soft Shell Rifle Magazine Pouch, specially engineered to provide reliable and convenient storage for your 5.56 and 7.62 ammunition magazines. Constructed with top-notch materials including polymer, strength rubber, and durable elastic cord, this carrier excels in durability, quick-drying capabilities, and heat resistance. Its open-top design allows smooth and blind insertion of magazines, while the front attachment points enable customization with other holsterbuilder pouches. With two removable Rigid Molle-Lock Attachments, it easily attaches to standard molle webbing on vests, backpacks, and belts. Featuring quick-release functionality and easy installation, this multi-purpose pouch is ideal for law enforcement, airsoft, paintball, and shooting games. 

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Soft Shell Rifle Magazine Pouch: Reliable storage for 5.56 and 7.62 magazines. Durable, quick-drying, and heat-resistant. Easy mag insertion, customizable with other Holster Builder pouches. Attaches to molle webbing. Ideal for law enforcement, airsoft, paintball, and shooting games. Quick-release, easy installation. Perfect for pros and enthusiasts. Enhance your tactical loadout with the Universal Rifle Mag Carrier for secure and accessible magazines in high-stakes situations.

  1. Soft Shell Design: The unique soft shell shape of this magazine pouch not only adds a distinctive look but also offers enhanced performance. Designed to fit 5.56 and 7.62 magazines, which can often be cumbersome, the pouch contours perfectly to securely hold your ammunition, ensuring quick and hassle-free access when you need it most. Size: L:3.15 inch W:1 inch, H:4.25 inch. 
  2. Soft Shell Construction: Crafted from durable and flexible materials, this magazine pouch offers exceptional protection to your magazines without compromising on maneuverability. The soft shell design molds to the shape of your magazines, providing a snug fit that minimizes movement and noise during operations.
  3. Rapid and Secure Access: The open-top design, coupled with an adjustable retention strap, guarantees swift and effortless magazine retrieval. The strap can be customized to your desired tension, providing a secure hold while still allowing for seamless reloads and magazine changes on the move.
  4. Versatile Mounting Options: The Soft Shell Magazine Pouch is equipped with both MOLLE and belt loop attachments, granting you the flexibility to attach it to a wide range of gear and equipment. Easily secure it to tactical vests, plate carriers, belts, or backpacks, ensuring your magazines are within easy reach and ready for action.
  5. Ambidextrous Design:The pouch's ambidextrous layout allows for effortless access to magazines, catering to both right-handed and left-handed users. Whether you're engaging in fast-paced operations or honing your shooting skills at the range, this pouch ensures efficient reloads and uninterrupted performance for any shooter.
  6. Versatile Compatibility: The Scorpion Shape Soft Shell Magazine Pouch is designed to accommodate a variety of firearms and magazine sizes. It is suitable for 5.56 and 7.62 magazines, perfect for rifles such as the AR-15 and AK-47. This versatility makes it a reliable choice for a range of shooting applications and tactical scenarios.

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