OEM Assistance

OEM Manufacturing stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, meaning we can help you scale your business while you still remain the sole manufacturer. Whether you have one large order that needs assistance or you are at the point where time-is-money, then OEM assistance is right for you. With our employee staff and CNC machined tooling we have the ability to scale any portion of your business so you can concentrate on the sale rather than the production. This can be achieved through full production of your product or maybe just the biggest time-consuming portion you have.

Through letters of Non-Disclosure, we can even take your current CAD files of molds and produce (only for you) the product in any color or pattern we carry. This saves you valuable time and money while you grow your brand. You can literately list your product on your website with any color/pattern we carry and when it sells, order from us in any quantity and it will ship within three business days.

Some of the largest overhead costs for a business are employees and inventory. Here at HB we solve that problem for you so you don't need either. Let us work with you so you can concentrate on the business that matters, customer acquisition and new product development.

If you look around most of your current successful companies are already taking advantage of this service.

Think about what this can mean for your business as you grow and feel confident that our experienced staff is here to help you profit!

When you succeed, we succeed.

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